obligatory icon post number two

Due to a request from miss anty_  , I am making another icon post. I doubt that anyone would even want to pay attention to this, so I guess there's not much point in posting this.

However, anty_  pointed out something when I last spoke with her:

[21:22] Anty the Amazing: i've gone a bit rusty haven
[21:22] Anty the Amazing: haven't I** XD
[21:22] fallentwilight66: I suppose you could say that.
[21:23] fallentwilight66: ...but if you think you're rusty...
[21:23] fallentwilight66: I'm scared to see what you think of my work.
[21:23] Anty the Amazing: i'm not critical of others work, to be honest XD
[21:24] Anty the Amazing: just of my own.
[21:24] fallentwilight66: O
[21:24] fallentwilight66: *I'm pretty critical of my work, too.
[21:24] fallentwilight66: Notice why I never post icons?
[21:25] Anty the Amazing: why not, there's plenty of iconist who's worse and they post their icons all the time.
[21:26] Anty the Amazing: you shouldn't be so pessimistic. being critical is one thing but being ashamed of your work is another.
[21:26] fallentwilight66: Yes...it's more of shame...

I am completely ashamed of my icons. To me, they are horrible, not worthy of the attention of anyone's. I'm too ashamed to post them anywhere, and I'm even embarrassed to put them up here. When silverqe  asked me to join round 01 of animanga_lims  , I had to decline her offer because I couldn't see myself as good enough to even enter. Everyone's work always seems to better more creative, beautiful, and cunning than mine, so I'm embarrassed to even post my own work...

Well, in a futile attempt, here's a tiny batch of what I've accomplished (or failed, perhaps) to do in the past year.

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Sayonara, Hajimemashite.

Hello everyone,

Long time no post, right? I'm sure you're all just clamoring for some of my icons *sarcasm*, but they'll come soon for your pleasure. Please be patient with me.

If anyone has noticed (which I highly doubt), I deleted all unnecessary friends and communities on this journal. I realized that most of the people on livejournal are snarky, shallow people, and I really don't feel like listening to it anymore. If you are interested in listening to my musings, head on over to my real journal and inquire there.

That's not to say that I will shut down this journal; updates will be slowly made, along with ghostsinmachine as well. Don't lose faith in me just yet.

I hope all of you are doing well, as summer has arrived. Farewell for now.

Animanga Awards: HELP NEEDED

Greetings and salutations, my dear friends. As you all may or may not know, the animanga awards are under way, and I have been nominated for two categories: 1.) PHOENIX DOWN PLZ- which means I was nominated to come back and post icons again, and 2.) Best Icon Pairing with anty_.

So, why should you care about this? Well, I really need help deciding what icons I should use for examples of my and anty_ and I's work. So, could you vote for four icons for each of the categories as soon as possible below for me? I would highly appreciate your input, because this is a very high honor for me!

Just a side note: Please do not take any of these icons unless already posted here, meaning that you can't take anything besides #1-6). I plan on making my own updated post sometime in the near future, and as for anty_ and I...well...we're working on that.

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Queste Saranno

I wanted to apologize to everyone here for the lack of graphic-related posts. It's been a rough couple of months, and I know things aren't going to get better in time. But you all don't really care about that, do you?

I haven't felt inspired to icon lately, and actually today I started with a base, but as usual, it went nowhere...oh, isn't this a novel story? Laugh all you want; I know my limitations.

Maybe I need to stop seeking inspiration from others...it seems to only pulling me further down. Since anty_ is going to be gone for a seemingly long time, I guess I should just give up altogether.

But, what I lack in iconing, I make up in prose. I've been picking up inspiration to write lately, and have started to work on a story of sorts. I've decided to post a bit of it here...so that you all will have an idea of what sort of other talents I have outside of the graphic world.

This is by no means a finished piece; only a snippet of my progress so far. I am writing this tale for a dear friend of mine who understands me more than most people. This is where I truly excel...

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Post Scriptum: I've changed the title for this journal; a riddle of sorts that you'll never solve.
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at first she said, "Your call is very important to us."

Please disregard this short rant.

I miss two things, when it comes to iconing:

1.) I miss the sort of joy that I had when I icon. I used to have silma around to bother about it all the time, or other people. Now...everything seems so hollow. Everything has faded away, like Sir Walter Raleigh's The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd. Now it seems more like a chore than it does an enjoyment...but maybe it's because I'm not that good to begin with.


2.) I miss boutique and ghostsinmachine, more than I can say. I was thrilled when that community was made; I have never had so much fun iconing. Now...it's basically dead. boutique, like many of my other iconing friends, are very busy and are never around. What I fear the most is that I'll never again have the opportunity to work with her or her brilliance when it comes to icon graphics...


silverqe said some nice things about me, which really shocked me. But, she only said anything because she wanted to reel in another contestant for her lims competition. I told her I couldn't, because lims competitions scare me and I'm no good when it comes to making icons. I wish I could get better, but it doesn't seem possible.

There are times when I feel that I should just shut this place down and stop even bothering to post things that nobody cares for anyways. Somehow, I always end up staying and putting myself through this suffering...maybe I should just go back to my writing and stay there.

Forgive me for this rant, it was a bit pointless.

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Please disregard this post.

boutique, where are you? I know you're alive, just update me on what's going on, okay?

Much love to you...I just haven't heard from you in awhile and want to know. Sorry if I'm being too pushy, I'm just curious.



No wonder you've been away. Hope your day was fantastic! XD

But I can't do it alone!

Okay, I've been doing some thinking lately.

First, regarding requests, I fully intend on getting them all done. I'm chipping them away as inspiration strikes me. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten...I'm going as fast as I can...and that's hard when you're double majoring in Secondary Education and English (believe me, it's a killer).

Secondly, I'm sure some of you have heard about twinmix. Personally, I think it is an amazing and novel idea. I mean, two iconers making icons together, adding to each other's work...is fascinating to me. I can't say it any better than that.

As many of you know, I suck at making (good) icons, hence why I place rarely. The only things that I pride myself on are my cropping and colouring abilities, which are limited as they are. This isn't anything new for most of you.

Why do I bother saying all this? Well, because, if anyone ever wanted to join forces with me to bounce ideas off of, I can crop images and make bases rather easily, I have a wide span of CLAMP manga resources at my disposal, and I like to show my unique perspectives in my icons. I would love to work with someone and do something similar to twinmix, just because I find the idea so fascinating (of course, I'd give them credit for the original idea).

Should anyone want to collaborate together to make icons with me, leave a comment here. If no one does, I won't be offended. If I do, I'm going to be tempted to put ghostinmachine back into action...

I'll just leave it at that. I hope you all have an amazing day/evening, depending on where you live! :3 I love you beautiful people.

Lj Interests Icon Meme

I'm bored, and this'll help me procrastinate.

LJ Interests Icon Meme

1) Comment and I'll pick one of your LJ interests and make you an icon.
2) You have no say in what I make.
3) Put this in your journal so I can do the same. You don't have to do this step if you don't want to.

I really hope you guys take advantage of it. If not, oh well, my icons suck, anyways.

Another note: when I do these sort of comissions, I put a lot of effort into these. Unlike many other more popular iconists who crank out very simple icons with requests, I'm going to take my time to make a decent icon for you all.

I'm trying to do "first-come, first-served" policy, but at the moment, it's whatever inspiration comes first. Please be patient with me, I'm trying to get all the requests done as soon as possible...though it's pretty hard when you're a SCD/ENG double major with no life.

Thank you for your patience.